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blaster + Time
blaster + Time

Rent Premium & Basic blaster options
up to 60 minutes of active play!
BYOB (Bring your own blaster) available!

Leave them with us!
Leave them with us!

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blasters for sale
blasters for sale

The gift they NEED is here!
*Special financing on purchases of $99+

Prepare for your first visit!

begin your doge adventure with the following essentials

  • 1. Session pass

    1. Session pass

    Sessions passes are good for one participant and never expire. Select your session duration and session type (basic or premium).

  • 2. Non-Slip Socks

    2. Non-Slip Socks

    Our reusable Doge Socks are required for those entering the arena.
    Spectator areas and shoe cubbies available.

  • 3. Safety Waiver

    3. Safety Waiver

    All particiapnts must fill out a safety waiver prior to entering the arena.
    This can be done online or in-store 🥳



Google Customer Review

Rachel Gibert

"Such an amazing experience! Perfect for date night or family time! Replicates matches played with the siblings as kids perfectly but with lots more people and a lot safer too hehe 10/10 recommend!! Can't wait to return ❤️"

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Frequently asked questions

Indoor Nerf Arena? How does that work?

The formula is quite simple.
1. Choose a blaster from our #DogeDepot (basic or premium)

2. Choose how long you would like to play (15, 30 or, 60 minutes)

3. Sign your #DogeWaiver - safety + liability

Gameplay can include: Free For All, Castle Crashers, Freeze Tag and more!

Do you offer birthday parties + Private events?

We have 3 packages to choose from.

1. #DogeBuyout - Private experience (15-30 Players)

2. #DogeRoom - Private room rental (12-20 Players)

3. #DogeSpace - Semi-private space (8-15 Players)

All packages include:

- Rental Blasters + Safety Equipment

- #DogeSocks

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Is there an age requirement?

All players must be at least three years old to play. Children under the age of five must be accompanied by an actively engaged adult on the field.

I have my own socks - Can I wear those?

Doge Haus indoor arenas require all players to wear Doge Haus sold socks to be worn when playing. Socks are for players to keep after purchase and reusable for repeat visits.

Click here to purchase Doge Socks today!

Can we bring our own Nerf guns? (BYOB)

BYOB - Bring Your Own Blaster

Yes, you can bring your own Nerf blasters! DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN AMMO. We will provide this for you.

Don’t have your own Nerf gun? No problem – we have the largest assortment of Nerf Guns for you to use!

Do you accept Dogecoin?

Yes we do, ask one of our reps at the store and we will show you how we accept dogecoin depending on your wallet. Please do not send coins through online correspondence.

If you feel comfortable after 1 transaction to pay for your sessions then please continue but for the first time please let us walk you through in person.

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