Players Admission Included 🥳

Bring the entire squad! Player admission are included with all #DogeEvent reservations. Need more players? Looking to intensify your battle? Add up to 30 (total) players during the booking process.

Reserved Playtime ⏰

Our #DogeStaff will be on-site to help your guests on and off #DogeArena. Need more time? Add an additional 60-minutes during the booking process.

#DogePass + #DogeSocks INCLUDED 🤯

Your players will have everything they need play in the #DogeArena. Players are welcomed to bring their own blaster(s) (B.Y.O.B.) as long as their blaster shoots 1/2 inch balls or classic foam darts.

#DogePass Basic (ADMISSION ONLY)
#DogeSocks (SOCKS ONLY)#DogeSocks (SOCKS ONLY)

#DogePack — General Admission

Squad up with our #DogePack ticket packs. 10 players included — add up to 15 and really get the battle going!

Learn More | #DogePack

#DogeSpace – Players Lounge

Located in our #DogeLobby the #DogeSpace Players Lounge is the best seat in the house featuring 180 degree views of #DogeArena. Add up to 15 Players for an extreme battle experience.

Learn More | #DogeSpace

#DogeRoom - Private Party Room

Secretly tucked behind the #DogeArena - our #DogeRoom features a private entrance with enough space for your next celebration. Add up to 20 players and have the battle of your dreams!

Learn More | #DogeRoom

#DogeBuyout - Private Arena

Our Haus is Your Haus! Gain exclusive access to our #DogeSpace, #DogeLobby and, #DogeArena for 2 hours – Socks, blasters and, safety equipment included. Add up to 30 players for your next private battle.

Learn More | #DogeBuyout

#DogeCreations - Bespoke Themed Events

Work with our #DogeTeam to create an event you will never forget. Customize every aspect of your event with themed decorations, #DogeFood Catering, and gift bags for your guests to take home.

Learn More | #DogeReservations

Coming Soon | #DogeCreations

Upgrade Your Experience Today

Enhance your #DogeBuyout with these add-ons. Upgrades can be added during the booking process.

Need to add something to your event? Give us a call or email our events team.

  • Premium Blaster Upgrade

  • Additional Players

  • Add-On Playtime

  • Food + Drink Packages

    Our #DogeEvents team is experienced in putting together the ultimate menu for your party! Let us know what you need and we'll make sure its's ready for the post-battle feast!

Ready to Book Your Event?

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